Question: What was the largest city in Texas before the hurricane?

Was Galveston bigger than Houston?

An Island of Firsts. Everything is bigger in Texas and in the nineteenth century, everything in Texas was done first in Galveston. … At the time of the 1900 Storm, Galveston had a population of 37,000 and was the fourth largest city in Texas following Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.

When was Galveston the largest town in Texas?

Galveston nonetheless surged ahead and ranked as the largest Texas city in 1870 with 13,818 people and also in 1880 with 22,248 people. It had the first structure to use electric lighting, the Galveston Pavilion; the first telephone; and the first baseball game in the state.

What was Galveston called by the explorers?

Various Spanish explorers charting the region referred to the island as “Isla Blanca” (“White Island”) and later “Isla de Aranjuez” (“Aranjuez Island”). In 1685 French explorer La Salle named the island “San Louis” (“Saint Louis”) and the name became fixed for some time.

What were the 5 capitals of Texas?

What were the 3 largest cities in Texas in 1920?

In 1920, one-third of Texans already lived in metropolitan areas of 2,500 or more. The largest cities teetered on the threshold of a real population boom. San Antonio was largest with 161,379 people, followed by Dallas (158,976), Houston (138,276), Fort Worth (106,482) and El Paso (77,460).

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What were the three largest cities in Texas in 1920?

San Antonio at the time was the state’s largest with 161,379 people, followed by Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth and El Paso (see chart on Texas cities among top 100 U.S. cities).

When was Dallas the largest city in Texas?

What is the largest city in Texas in 1950? In 1950, the largest city in Texas was Houston, with a population of 596,163. The second largest city is Dallas, with a population of 434,462.