Question: What causes a cloud to form and then how it can turn into a tornado?

Are tornadoes made out of clouds?

A tornado begins as a rotating, funnel-shaped cloud extending from a thunderstorm cloud base, which meteorologists call a funnel cloud. A funnel cloud is made visible by cloud droplets, however, in some cases it can appear to be invisible due to lack of moisture. A funnel cloud is not affecting the ground.

What type of clouds can produce tornadoes?

The cumulonimbus cloud, or thunderstorm, is a convective cloud or cloud system that produces rainfall and lightning. It often produces large hail, severe wind gusts, tornadoes, and heavy rainfall. Many regions of the earth depend almost totally upon cumulonimbus clouds for rainfall.

What causes a tornado to form quizlet?

When temperatures are different between the ground and atmosphere, the air rises quickly, condenses, and forms thunderheads. The heated updraft collides with cold air and creates turbulent winds. These winds are forced into an upward spin, starting the formation of a tornado. You just studied 11 terms!

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