Question: How much rain has fallen in Houston this year?

How much rain has Houston had in 2021?

16.07 inches on August 27, 2017

2021 Jan Year
Rain Totals (in) (departure from normal) 2.51 (-0.87) 8.09 (-5.21)
Mean Temp (°F) (departure from normal) 55.2 (+2.1) 60.0 (-0.4)
Avg High (°F) (departure from normal) 65.4 (+2.5) 70.4 (+0.9)
Avg Low (°F) (departure from normal) 44.9 (+1.7) 49.6 (-0.8)

Is Texas getting more rain than usual?

The increase over the last 70 years translates to about eight more inches of rain per year, or a “pretty significant” uptick, Murphy said. Most of the U.S., ranging from central Texas to the southern plains in the eastern part of the country, has become wetter in the most recent climate normals, he added.

Is Texas in a drought 2021?

‘ Texas is 94% drought-free. … 5, 2021, showed 94.72% of the state had no drought conditions after about a decade from the 2011 drought that left much of Texas parched.

Why is it raining in Texas May 2021?

May is historically the wettest month of the year for Central Texas, but this year a series of disturbances, a consistent southeast wind bringing in an abundance of tropical moisture, dew points consistently in the 60s and 70s, a couple of stalled-out boundaries, and now a slow-moving area of low pressure in the upper …

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Where does it rain the most in Texas?

The Piney Woods is the eastern region of Texas and is within the humid subtropical climate zone. It receives the most rainfall; more than 60 inches (1,500 mm) annually in the far east.

Will 2021 be an El Nino year?

The predictions for September-November 2021 indicate an 60% likelihood that ENSO-neutral conditions will continue, with the likelihood for La Niña at 40%; no model predicts development of El Niño conditions at this time.

Why is there so much rain in Southeast Texas?

It is perfectly positioned to utilize the warm ocean waters of the Gulf of Mexico, helping to feed bands of rain into the coast. A slow moving cut-off low pressure over Texas will draw in moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in heavy rain.

What was the most rain ever in one storm?

The wettest tropical cyclone in the United States storm on record is Hurricane Harvey, which dumped 60.58 in (1,539 mm) of rain on Southeast Texas in 2017. Tropical Storm Claudette holds the national 24-hour rainfall record: 42.00 in (1,067 mm) in Alvin, Texas.

How many have died Hurricane Harvey?

How many people died in Hurricane Harvey? Hurricane Harvey is directly responsible for 68 deaths, the largest number of direct deaths from a hurricane in Texas since 1919, according to the National Hurricane Center. Another 35 deaths are also indirectly attributed to Harvey, making the total closer to 103.