Question: How do you store a pool filter for the winter?

What do you do with pool filter in winter?

Store your D.E. or Cartridge Filter in the basement, if possible. If you store your filter in a shed or a detached Garage make sure you cover your filter and keep it away from chlorine or any corrosive chemicals that off gas. Sand filters should be left outside. Remove the drain plug on the bottom of the filter.

Can you leave pool filter out in winter?

If you happen to live in a place that experiences freezing temperatures in the winter, not closing your pool filtration system properly could lead to your pipes cracking. Make sure to not just close down your filter for the season, but to also blow out your pool lines.

How do you store a pool pump for the winter?

Keep it on a low shelf so it won’t fall or roll. If you keep your motor outdoors all winter, you could build a ‘lean-to’ with lumber or plastic for snow, rain and tree branches, but keep good air flow around the motor, and don’t wrap it in plastic, which traps moisture inside the motor.

Do I need to remove my pool pump for winter?

Pump motors can develop rust deep inside the motor which can keep the motor for working come springtime. Keeping pumps away from accumulating moisture (assuming you live in a place that gets considerable rain/snowfall) during the winter is a good way to protect the equipment.

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Can u leave a Intex pool up in winter?

In warmer climates, Intex advises to keep your pool up, if you prefer. However, you must winterize the pool when keeping it full throughout the winter. If your area maintains tropical climates all year long, you may not need to winterize your pool at all, especially if you use your pool on a regular basis.

Does pool pump and filter need to be covered?

First of all, you do not have to enclose your pool equipment (pump, filter, heater). … As long it is taken care of and properly winterized at time of pool closing, it need not be covered. Some people do enclose the equipment, for these main benefits: Protection from the elements.