Is there a rain scented perfume?

Is there a fragrance that smells like rain?

Demeter’s Rain is the cleanest and most delicate of all our fragrances. Step outside after the first storm after a dry spell and it invariably hits you. The sweet, fresh, powerfully evocative smell of fresh rain.

Can you buy the smell of rain?

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Rain has its own scent as well, and mixed together they bring you the earthy wonderful storm smell of Petrichor. In stock. Usually ships within 3 to 4 days.

What is the smell of rain?

Petrichor is the term coined by Australian scientists in 1964 to describe the unique, earthy smell associated with rain. It is caused by the water from the rain, along with certain compounds like ozone, geosmin, and plant oils. Sources: During dry weather, plants.

What does China rain smell like?

China Rain by TerraNova is a Floral Green fragrance for women. Top note is Green Notes; middle notes are White Lily and Floral Notes; base notes are Musk and Moss.

Can you smell like petrichor?

Of course rain itself has no scent. But moments before a rain event, an “earthy” smell known as petrichor does permeate the air. People call it musky, fresh – generally pleasant. This smell actually comes from the moistening of the ground.

How is petrichor perfume made?

Mitti attar is made using clay extracted from the topsoil and baked in a kiln. Even the word for it is beautiful — petrichor, the fragrance of the first rain. … In the perfume capital of India — Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh — a century-old process is used to recreate that loamy smell of the first shower, as an attar.

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