Is Stratus a rain bearing cloud?

Does stratus clouds bring rain?

Stratus is usually accompanied by little to no rainfall but if it is thick enough, it can produce light drizzle. This drizzle can also fall in the form of light snow if cold enough.

What type of cloud is a stratus cloud?

Stratus clouds are a type of low-level cloud, occurring below 6,000 feet. They are characterized by uniform layers of grayish clouds. Stratus cloud layers are generally thin but cover the entire sky, known as overcast.

What clouds produce the most rain?

Cumulonimbus Clouds

Cumulus congestus, also known as towering cumulus, are cumulus clouds that have grown heavy with water molecules and often bring rain. If cumulus clouds are able to keep growing they can become cumulonimbus clouds, which are typically associated with more intense rains and thunderstorms.

What are the 3 types of stratus clouds?

Stratus Cloud Varieties

Stratus clouds have three associated cloud varieties: opacus, translucidus, and undulatus.

Is fog a stratus cloud?

Stratus is used to describe flat, featureless clouds of low altitude, typically less than 300 metres. On the other hand, fog is a stratus cloud in contact with the ground. Horizontal visibility in fog is less than 1 km.

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