How powerful is an EF2 tornado?

How bad is an EF2 tornado?

EF2 tornadoes have wind speeds of 111 to 135 miles per hour. Damage includes entire houses shifted off foundations, large sections of roof structure removed, mobile homes demolished, trains overturned, large trees snapped or uprooted, and cars lifted off ground and thrown.

Can an EF2 tornado destroy a house?

An EF2 tornado has wind gusts ranging from 111 to 135 mph. It is capable of tearing roofs off well-constructed houses, shifting frames of homes, destroying mobile homes, lifting cars off the ground, and snapping or uprooting large trees.

Is there an EF0 tornado?

Weak tornadoes

Around 60-70% of tornadoes are designated EF1 or EF0, also known as “weak” tornadoes, but weak is a relative term for tornadoes, as even these can cause significant damage. … Some NWS offices, however, have rated these tornadoes EFU (EF-Unknown) due to the lack of damage.

What can a F3 tornado do?

F3 – F3 tornadoes are severe with wind speeds between 158 mph and 206 mph. They overturn entire trains and lift cars off the ground. … They can also cause cars to fly through the air.

What can a F4 tornado do?

(F4) Devastating tornado (207-260)

foundations blown off some distance; cars thrown and large missiles generated.

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