How often do sandstorms occur in Iraq?

How often are sandstorms in Iraq?

In Iraq, the Ministry of Environment recorded 122 dust-storms and 283 dusty days and sources suggest that within the next ten years, Iraq could witness 300 dust-storms per year.

Are sandstorms common in Iraq?

Sandstorms are common in Iraq’s desert terrain, especially during the summer due to a strong northwesterly wind, called the shamal, that blows over the floodplain of Iraq’s Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

Which country has the most sandstorms?

Sandstorms appear all around the world but the most dangerous and life threatening sandstorms occur the main three geographic regions as the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Northern China.

When was the last dust storm?

List of dust storms

Name Date Affected regions
2010 China drought and dust storms Spring 2010 China and parts of Southeast Asia
2014 Tehran dust storm June 2, 2014 Tehran, Iran
2018 Indian dust storms
2021 North China sandstorm March 2021 Mongolia, China and South Korea

How often do sandstorms occur in China?

Such storms have become an increasingly common phenomenon for the region, as China’s deserts expand by gobbling up roughly 1,300 square miles a year. A half-century ago, such storms happened every seven or eight years; now they are an annual occurrence.

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