How long can you keep water in rain barrel?

Does rain water go bad?

To recap, rainwater itself doesn’t “expire,” so rain barrel water won’t technically go bad – so even though it may be smelly, it’s not necessarily “bad.” However, that doesn’t mean it’s safe for drinking as stagnant water can be a breeding ground for algae, mold, and insects.

How do you store rainwater long term?

5 Ways to Properly Store and Keep Your Rainwater Clean

  1. Install a filter. Filters are essential and can be installed at various points in your rainwater collection system. …
  2. Empty barrels once a week and clean them. …
  3. Use oil to prevent mosquitoes. …
  4. Add chlorine/iodine tablets. …
  5. Paint barrels.

How long can you keep rainwater in a tank?

If water that started out clean has been stored for some time in a cool, dark, and dry area, not directly on concrete, and away from harmful chemicals and harsh fumes, it technically can be stored indefinitely.

Does water go bad in a barrel?

Because water itself doesn’t expire, rain barrel water doesn’t technically go bad. … For this reason rain barrel water should only be used for lawns and gardens. Safety Note: No matter what rain barrel water looks or smells like, it should never be consumed by humans or pets.

How long can water sit in tank?

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Water in Your Fresh Tank for More Than 2 Weeks Without Using. Since your tanks are plastic, water sitting stagnant inside the tank can assume a plastic smell and/or taste. Worse, it can also grow mold, algae, and bacteria.

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