How do you store a jet ski for the winter?

Is it OK to store jet ski outside in winter?

Low temperatures are no problem, as long as you have the water out of the system. Once any remaining water freezes into ice without damaging anything, even lower temperatures don’t cause a problem. Do a search for winterize, or winterizing.

Is it bad to leave gas in a jet ski?

Moisture can lead to water collecting in your tank, which will lean out the fuel mixture. … But leave that same automobile’s fuel in your stored PWC over the winter and you may have problems. It can, and most likely will, attract moisture.

Can a jet ski freeze?

If you are storing the jet ski in a location where the temperatures will fall below freezing, even for only one night, antifreeze should be added to the cooling system to prevent water from entering, expanding and destroying your system. … You may also want to put ski tape over the opening to protect the system.

Do jet skis have storage compartments?

The Jetskis also have several storage compartments that you can use. Of course, you can take a camera along. We recommend waterproof cameras as there is a chance that your device could get wet.

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Should I use premium gas in my jet ski?

It is recommended by many manufacturers to use premium gas, but your manual should note if regular unleaded Octane 89 is a sufficient source of fuel for the engine. … Some people even use jet fuel or aviation fuel depending on their engine, but most jet skis can use the same fuel that you put in your car.

How do you store a jet ski long term?

How to Store and Winterize a Jet Ski

  1. Drain any water from the engine prior to bringing the jet ski into storage. …
  2. Fill the gas tank. …
  3. Get an oil change. …
  4. Remove the battery and place on towel or mat. …
  5. Consider adding antifreeze to the exhaust system.

How do you winterize a jet ski that won’t start?

To winterize a jet ski that won’t start, first remove the spark plugs and spray fogging oil. Next use gravity to force RV antifreeze into the cooling system. After that, spray fogging oil in the carburetor and move the PTO driveshaft. After this is complete, replace the spark plugs and you have a winterized ski.

How do jet skis stay warm?

If your feet get cold, you’ll soon be chilly all over on a jet ski ride. For fall Sea Doo riding, ditch the sandals and water shoes. Instead, wear neoprene, high ankle booties (or neoprene socks that you can wear inside full coverage Crocs). A good pair of water shoes is another warm option.

What do you wear on a jet ski when its cold?

Neoprene gloves and booties are common pieces of PWC gear. Supplement them in really cool weather with a hat, ear covers, or neoprene hood. … It is for really cold weather, but keep in mind a drysuit won’t breathe in the least.

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What to do with a jet ski that has been sitting?

Re: Jet Ski Left Sitting for 2 years

remove and try to charge the battery or replace. definitely drain the old gas. take out the spark plugs and spray penetrating oil into both the cylinders (use the straw to spray around the cylinder). put the plugs back in loose and let it sit overnight.