How do you make a rain Hyetograph in Excel?

How do you calculate rainfall excess?

It is equal to the total amount of rainfall minus all abstractions including interception, depression storage, and infiltration.

What is a rainfall hyetograph?

A hyetograph is a graphical representation of the distribution of rainfall intensity over time. … The maximum intensity may not be reached as uniformly as shown in the SCS hyetographs.

How do you make a hyetograph?

To construct hyetograph incremental rainfall quantities during successive units of time are obtained from the mass curve. The average depths of rainfall per unit of time are then plotted on ordinate against time as abscissa.

What is alternating block method?

The alternating block method is a method to make the rainfall temporal distribution (design hyetograph) using the rainfall intensity-duration-frequency (I-D-F) curve. … The rainfall intensity data can then be obtained as the difference between the successive cumulative rainfall depths.

What is design hyetograph?

A design hyetograph is a synthetic rainfall temporal pattern associated with a return period, usually determined by means of statistical analysis of observed mean rainfall intensity through intensity—duration—frequency (IDF) curves.

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