How do you look after apple trees in the winter?

Do I need to winterize my apple tree?

Winterizing Fruit Trees

One good step toward preventing diseases and infestations in your fruit trees in winter is a good autumn cleanup of the orchard. … These trees are best pruned while they are dormant, after the leaves have fallen, generally between December and early February.

What do you do with fruit trees in winter?

The ideal answer is to move container trees under cover and keep them at a low temperature, but slightly above freezing, until the spring. Since the tree has no leaves, the amount of light doesn’t matter. The back of an unheated garage would be ideal or a shed may be enough if it doesn’t get too cold.

Can Apple Tree survive winter?

Apple trees are notorious for growing well in cold climate. … The sun will help your tree to grow and produce fruit before the harsh winter. You can plant your apple tree in late winter or early spring. As long as the ground isn’t frozen and a hole can be dug, your apple tree is good to start growing.

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