How do you clean a smelly rain barrel?

Why does my rain barrel smell like rotten eggs?

Why Does My Rain Barrel Stink? Chances are, at some time or another, you’ll experience a potent, sulfur smell from the rain barrel. This is due to bacteria gathering in the barrel. While unpleasant, the water is still perfectly safe to use on plants as advised above.

How do you clean the inside of a rain barrel?

Lay the barrel on its side and thoroughly spray rinse the interior. Using a long-handled brush, scrub the interior. A mixture of vinegar and water, or a light bleach and water solution, will work as a cleaner. Rinse the barrel again and let it air dry.

Can I put bleach in rain barrel?

Rain barrel users should make sure to clean the barrel with a 3% bleach solution before collecting water to irrigate a vegetable garden. Household, unscented bleach with a 5-6% chlorine solution can be added at the rate of 1/8 teaspoon per gallon (8 drops).

Why does my rainwater smell?

Hydrogen sulphide is a gas, with a very distinctive rotten egg smell, which can be found in ground water, rainwater tanks or hot water systems. It is generally caused by sulphur reducing bacteria and is more noticeable in hot water than cold.

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How do I stop my standing water from smelling?

Wherever possible, sealing your stagnant water in a container or placing a lid over the source of the stagnant water will do a world of good with regards to odor. Algae cannot grow in an oxygen-free environment, and whatever small amount of growth there may be will be curtailed by the lack of sunlight.

How do you sanitize rainwater?

The most common methods for disinfecting rainwater are chlorination, ultraviolet light irradiation or heat (boiling).

How often should you clean your rain barrel?

Basic maintenance

  1. Drain your rain barrels regularly.
  2. Clean gutters of debris as needed and at least seasonally so they drain well and don’t accumulate water.
  3. Wash and flush gutters annually5
  4. Check mosquito screens periodically to make sure they are secure without gaps and are not blocked by debris.

What can I put in my rain barrel to stop algae?

Algae grows almost in any water with sunlight and is not harmful. To eliminate it, put one or two capfuls of bleach in the water (not in your empty tank). Although that small amount of chlorine won’t be harmful, let the water sit for a few days before you use it on plants.

How long can you keep water in rain barrel?

Rainwater can be stored from anywhere between one week and indefinitely. The more consideration you put into your storage system – using the right materials, preventing algae and mosquitos – the longer your rainwater’s shelf-life.