How did Melody father die in snowfall?

What happened to Melody dad in snowfall?

A tearful Mel then asked Franklin to tell her that he killed her father, Andre, so she would know she’s not crazy, but Franklin refused to give Melody the satisfaction. … The biggest thing for viewers was, ‘When are we going to get back to Franklin being well?’ ” “He’s so vulnerable,” Idris continues.

Who is Melody’s dad in snowfall?

Biography. She has been Franklin’s neighbor and crush since they were kids. She lived with her father, Andre Wright, who was a sergeant for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Was Franklin Saint faking his injury?

Just as he exited her, he paused, reached at his side only to set his cane down, and walk away without a limp. This means he was faking the handicap this whole time or he recovered at some point and paraded as if he was still injured.

Is Skully dead?

Jerome noticed Skully was already a little weak, because he was bleeding out from being previously shot by Alton. Skully ultimately dies on the hospital floor.

Is Damson Idris related to Elba Idris?

The two are not related in any way. If you have been wondering that maybe the two are father and son, then that may not be the case. Idris has had three marriages in his life. While Damson was born in 1991, Idris first married in 1999 (Hanne Norgaard).

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Who killed Delroy snowfall?

Nathan Davis Jr. Delroy Hamilton is a drug dealer on the streets and the cousin of Kevin Hamilton . When he and Victor decided to sell the product in Pico-Union, they were both murdered and castrated by Conejo.

What happens to Lucia in snowfall?

What happens to Lucia in Snowfall? Lucia got up and disappeared in the snow, and no one knows exactly why. What we do know is that Gustavo is still alive after being stabbed by the mysterious man, but Lucia is nowhere to be found, not even when her partner and Reid visit the family farm.