How did Cyclone Tracy effect Darwin?

When was the last cyclone in Darwin?

It was also the strongest tropical cyclone since Tracy to hit Darwin, making landfall there as a Category 2 tropical cyclone.

Cyclone Marcus.

Category 5 severe tropical cyclone (Aus scale)
Formed 14 March 2018
Dissipated 27 March 2018
(Extratropical after 24 March)

How did Cyclone Tracy affect the economy?

After the cyclone passed, approximately 60% of Darwin’s houses were destroyed beyond repair with only 6% considered immediately habitable. The estimated cost of the event is in the order of about $400-500 million (in 1974 dollars), which equates to between $2 billion and $4 billion in today’s money.

What was the aftermath of Cyclone Tracy?

It is estimated that Cyclone Tracy killed 71 people, with at least 22 people lost at sea. Between 80 to 90 per cent of housing was destroyed and tens of thousands were left homeless.

Has Perth ever had a cyclone?

Ned is the most southerly landfalling tropical cyclone recorded in Australia and the only storm ever to directly affect Perth city at cyclone strength.

Australian tropical cyclone. intensity scale.

Category Sustained winds Gusts
One 34–47 kt 63–88 km/h 49–67 kt 91–125 km/h

Was Cyclone Tracy a Category 5?

And while Tracy was reported as a category four cyclone, some meteorologists today believe it may have been a category five shortly before it made landfall. At midnight on Christmas Day wind gusts greater than 100 kilometres per hour began to be recorded.

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