Has there ever been a tornado in Barrie?

Does Barrie get tornadoes?

Katelyn Wilson reports on the extent of damage done to a Barrie neighbourhood hit by a tornado. The EF-2 tornado that ripped apart dozens of homes in a Barrie, Ont., neighbourhood last week is estimated to have caused more damage than a devastating twister that touched down in Angus seven years ago.

When did Barrie have a tornado?

In 1985, a tornado that hit Barrie killed eight people and injured more than a hundred others. Hundreds of homes were destroyed. This report by The Canadian Press was first published August 18, 2021.

What area of Barrie was hit by tornado?

Sunday, The Northern Tornadoes Project updated the track of the tornado that hit Barrie’s south end. Researchers said the damage zone is 12 kilometres long and 600 meters wide. The four other EF-2 twisters Thursday were in central and northern Ontario, including Little Britain, Lorneville, Dwight, and Lake Traverse.

Was anyone killed in the Barrie tornado?

Severe weather topples trees in Tiny Twp

Eight people were injured, four seriously, when a tornado ripped through a Barrie, Ont., neighbourhood Thursday afternoon, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. During a press conference Thursday evening, Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman said there were so far no fatalities.

Why does Barrie get tornadoes?

The Gulf of Mexico is the fuel, the trigger is the cold air coming from the Arctic all trapped east of the Rocky Mountains. “They’re forced to interact with each other and then you get little spin-offs that come off the lee of the Rockies, low pressure systems, and away they go,” he said.

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Did a tornado touchdown in Barrie?

Environment Canada confirms EF-2 tornado with 210 km/h winds touched down in Barrie. Environment Canada has confirmed a tornado that ripped through a neighbourhood in Barrie’s south end on Thursday afternoon was a category EF-2 tornado.

How big was the tornado that hit Barrie today?

That tornado began near North Portage. Satellite imagery showed it tracked a path 4.76 kilometres long, with a maximum width of 360 metres, travelling at an estimated maximum speed of 190 km/h.