Frequent question: Who is the director of Indian Meteorological Department?

How many meteorological stations are there in India?

India presently has 28 meteorological centres spread across the country. These centres serve to provide accurate and timely weather-related informations to India Meteorological Department (IMD), which is the principal agency responsible for meteorological observations and weather forecasting in the country.

Where is the biggest Meteorological Laboratory in India?

Answer: Pune is the write answer.

Where is the biggest meteorological located in India?

IMD is headquartered in Delhi and operates hundreds of observation stations across India and Antarctica. Regional offices are at Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Nagpur, Guwahati and New Delhi. IMD is also one of the six Regional Specialised Meteorological Centres of the World Meteorological Organisation.

What is meteorological Division?

Meteorological Division is one of the Technical Division in the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology. And issue meteorological information, warning, news, alerts and special outlook to the prevent Natural disasters.

Where is the headquarter of World meteorological Organization WMO?

What is the role of the meteorological department of a country?

What is the role of meteorological department of a country? … The Meteorological department collects data on temperature, rain, wind, etc. and predicts the weather. Along with the generation of the reports, this department is also responsible for watching the observations of different meteorological characteristics.

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