Frequent question: Are hurricane ties required in Texas?

Are hurricane straps required in Texas?

Hurricane straps required

The city of Houston requires homes west of Texas 146 to be built to withstand 110 mph winds. Homes must include hurricane straps or be designed to provide the same kind of protection as hurricane straps, said Jodie Foster , a city senior structural inspector.

Is drip edge required by code in Texas?

A drip edge is now required on all roofs per City Code. This will pro- vide additional waterproofing pro- tection for your home and roof. You’ll need a permit to repair your siding and windows.

Do I need hurricane clips?

All new buildings are required to have hurricane ties installed. While not required on older structures, owners of existing buildings would be wise to invest in the installation of hurricane ties and straps. Costs are minimal and these retrofitted items can make a difference during the next hurricane or wind event.

Does the state of Texas have a building code?

A statewide building code is the strongest commitment a state can make to achieve building safety through minimum building standards and serves as an important tool for populous, growing, and disaster-prone states like Texas. Even so, Texas does not have a statewide residential building code.

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Can I plumb my own house in Texas?

Is It Illegal to Do Your Own Plumbing? According to Sec. 1301.051 of Texas’ Occupations Code it is not illegal for a homeowner to perform plumbing on their own home without a license.

Do you install drip edge before fascia?

The correct placement of a roof drip edge is on top of the roof’s exterior cover directly between the sheathing and the fascia board, which forms a drainage gap between the drip edge and the fascia board. As a result, the drainage improves water flow and protects the roof from potential water damage.

Are fascia boards required by code?

Sub-fascias are not required by code. The fascia can be nailed directly to the truss tails, but while the sub-fascia is typically a 2x, t…

Do all roofs need a drip edge?

The 2012 International Building Code (IBC) requires drip edges for that type of roof. Regardless of the kind of roof you have, we highly recommend installing drip edges. Keep in mind that improper installation of any roofing component can create gaps, rendering any waterproofing solution useless.