Does Tulum have hurricanes?

Does Tulum get hurricanes?

There are good accommodation deals to be had but be prepared for some rain during your stay. October in Tulum is hurricane season, so it’s best to avoid visiting during this time if possible.

Is Tulum safer than Cancun?

A lot of these tourists do travel alone and have a blast here. In fact, because of its laidback nature, I’d say Tulum is even safer than Cancun. In fact, it made it to the top spot in the US News list of the best places to visit in Mexico. You do have to take some extra precautions when you’re alone, though.

Is Tulum always windy?

Re: Is it always this windy? No, it’s not always this windy (assuming you’re talking about a day like today). In general, March & April are windier than the rest of the year.

How often do hurricanes hit Tulum?

Hurricanes are not common, but if they’re going to hit, it will most likely happen in September and October. The Best Time for Great Deals: Room rates will be at their lowest in the off-season, from June through October, especially during September and October, Tulum’s two rainiest months.

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Does it rain a lot in Tulum?

Rainfall is usually short and intense, followed by sunshine and breathtaking sunsets. … The rainy season in Tulum lasts between June and October, with August and September being the most likely months, but rain doesn’t stop you from enjoying this amazing destination.

Is Tulum or Cabo better?

Tulum has better beaches than Cabo, is relaxed and has an authentic vibe. So if you’re looking for spectacular beaches, some great natural and archeological excursions, then Tulum may be the better choice than Cabo. Cabo has some lovely beaches too, and great wildlife and hiking excursions.

Are there snakes in Tulum?

There are several species of rattlesnakes in the area of Tulum that use the ruins as their habitat.

Is it cheaper to go to Tulum or Cancun?

Generally, Cancun is cheaper than Tulum. Tulum is one of the most expensive parts of Mexico; however, it is possible to visit both destinations on a small budget. If you spend long enough in Mexico, you can pick up some great bargains on accommodation.

Can you swim in Tulum?

Tulum is an absolute gem; a bohemian beach town full of ancient ruins, sea turtles you can snorkel with, and giant underwater caves you can swim in, and one of the top beaches in Mexico calls Tulum home.

Do you need a passport to go to Tulum Mexico?

Entry & Exit Requirements

Bring an up-to-date passport with you to Mexico, and expect to be issued a Mexican Tourist Permit when you arrive. Its cost is absorbed into your plane ticket, but you’ll need to hold onto that card and present it upon departure.

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