Do you really need hurricane shutters?

At what wind speed do you need hurricane shutters?

Hurricanes Hugo and Andrew were instrumental in an industry-wide upgrade of the standards for storm shutters. Standard building codes require a product to withstand 110 MPH winds.

Are hurricane shutters a good investment?

ROI For Hurricane Shutters

The return on investment for hurricane shutters is less than the ROI for impact windows, which can help homeowners who are thinking about hurricane windows vs shutters choice. Homeowners can generally expect to receive about a 50% return on their hurricane shutters cost.

Do hurricane shutters add value to your home?

Increasing Resale Value

Installing hurricane shutters can significantly increase the resale value of your property. Potential buyers recognize the investment and care taken to maintain safety and security.

Do you need hurricane shutters for Category 1?

Category 1 hurricanes are considered the least destructive on the Wind Scale. … Those without hurricane-safe windows, doors or protective shutters can experience cracked glass if violent debris is pelted at your home.

Can 70 mph winds break windows?

A Design Pressure or DP rating measures the strength of a window. Standard residential windows have DP values between 15 and 50. A DP 15 window can reasonably be expected to sustain winds of roughly 77 mph before shattering. A DP 50 window is expected to sustain winds up to 173 mph.

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Can a handyman install hurricane shutters?

We can help you find a knowledgeable contractor or handyman to routinely service your hurricane shutters so they work when you absolutely need them to.

Are hurricane shutters mandatory in Florida?

The current Florida Building Codes demand that every home built after 2001 must either have hurricane shutters or storm windows. So yes, you do need some form of protection—whether you choose hurricane impact resistant windows or hurricane shutters is completely up to you.

How much should hurricane shutters cost?

Hurricane shutters cost $3,833, or between $1,946 and $5,778, to install. Homeowners usually pay $5 to $60 per square foot for materials and $45 to $100 per hour for labor. Every seven square feet of shutters takes about one hour to put up depending on their size and style.

How much do hurricane shutters save on insurance?

The shutters are the best protection and can potentially take 8% to 10% in savings off your insurance premiums. They start at about $1,500 for a house and cost about $3,500 for a 2,000-square-foot house, depending on the number of openings.

What is the average cost of hurricane impact windows?

Hurricane impact-resistant windows typically cost $2,679 and $14,165, or $8,193 on average. Each window is about $90 to $400 and takes about two hours to install at $30 to $65 per hour. You’ll pay more if you have custom storm windows installed.