Do farmers like rain?

Is rain good for farmers?

Precipitation in the form of rain – and snowfall at higher elevations – is critical because it refills reservoirs, packs away snow for spring runoff to feed drier parts of the state, and helps stem the risk of wildfires. It also allows California’s agriculture to continue producing important crops.

How do farmers feel when raining?

→ As they have to water their crops, rain helps to provide water from crop to crop. … → Rain is the cheap but most effective method of watering the crops. → During summers, they become glad when the rain comes because it changes the atmosphere. Everything looks pleasant and green.

Why is rain important for farmers?

The amount of rainfall is sufficient to cover the water needs of the various crops. Excess water may cause problems for plant growth and thus drainage is required. 2. … The amount of rainfall is important but often not sufficient to cover the water needs of the crops.

How does rain affect farming?

Excessive rainfall can affect crop productivity in various ways, including direct physical damage, delayed planting and harvesting, restricted root growth, oxygen deficiency and nutrient loss, the researchers said.

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What is the relationship between rain and farmer?

Good rains during the season result in bountiful crops which further benefit the farmers. weak Monsoon rains result in crop failure which affects the economy in a negative manner due to lower production.

Why do farmers love farming?

We come to farming firstly out of a concern for the environment and for social justice: from wanting to protect and take care of our earth, and to help all people have access to high quality, nutritious food. Farming also appeals to us because of its connection to food and eating.

Why do I love rain so much?

Pluviophiles tend to live a happy life compared to normal people. This is because of the fact that rain enhances their happiness and helps them fantasize in their dreams. Rain lovers love to enjoy the rain, as they find peace and joy during rainy days and endlessly think about the rainy season.

Why are farmers dependent on rain?

Monsoon is one of the most important seasons for farmers for a country so dependent on its agro-industry. Most of the Indian agricultural land is irrigated by the southwest monsoon. Crops such as wheat, rice, pulses, which are a staple in Indian diets, need heavy rainfalls to grow.

How can farming be done without rain?

Farming can be done without rain because there is not enough or rather no rain there at all to depend on drip irrigation. There are three main methods of irrigation are surface, sprinkler and drip/micro. Water flows over the soil by gravity for surface irrigation.

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Is too much rain bad for crops?

Effects of Wet Weather in Gardens

As mentioned above, excessive rain on plants promotes disease often evidenced in stunting, spots on foliage, decay on leaves, stems or fruit, wilting and, in severe cases, death of the entire plant. Extreme wet weather also keeps pollinators at bay affecting bloom and fruiting.