Did Hurricane Laura affect Biloxi Mississippi?

Was Biloxi Mississippi affected by Hurricane Laura?

(WJTV) – Since Tuesday night, Hancock County shorelines have seen a four foot storm surge as Hurricane Laura approaches the Gulf Coast. Streets from Bay St. Louis to Biloxi were covered with water.

What parts of Mississippi will be affected by Hurricane Laura?

Four Mississippi counties reported damage from Hurricane Laura

  • Adams County – three homes major damage; five homes minor damage; four homes affected; one building major damage.
  • Sunflower County – one home minor damage.
  • Warren County – one home destroyed; one home minor damage.
  • Wayne County – six public roads major damage.

Is Mississippi safe from Hurricane Laura?

Mississippi largely unscathed from Laura’s path of destruction; residents offer help. Much of Mississippi remained relatively unscathed Thursday as Hurricane Laura unleashed its fury on Louisiana and eastern Texas early Thursday morning and into the afternoon.

Did Hurricane Sally hit Biloxi Mississippi?

The storm was about 200 miles southeast of New Orleans as of Monday morning. “It has slowed considerably,” Reeves said. “Therefore at this time, the course of the storm has ticked to the east, which would have landfall as a high Category 1 hurricane with sustained wins of 85-90 mph, hitting Biloxi, Mississippi.

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