Best answer: Why is the rain welcome in the poem rain in summer?

Why is rain so welcome in summer?

This poem begins with a description of rain following a dry, hot climate, maybe a summer day. It is a “welcome” rain, meaning the land had been too dry, the weather too hot. … Of course, the farmer welcomes the rain because it will help his crops to grow and helps him to make a living.

Why does the poem welcome the rain?

Why does the poet welcome the rain? Answer: The poet welcomes the rain because it will cool the atmosphere and wash away all the dust in the surroundings and clean, the air.

Who all welcome the rain?

The rain is welcomed by the earthlings because it cures the alment of a person and also quenches the thirst of land plants and trees etc nature carries the rain to bless the fields and valley….

Does everyone welcome the rain in summer?

Yes, everyone welcomes the rain in summer. … The name of the poem is “Rain in Summer” and the name of the poet is “Henry Wadsworth Longfellow”.

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What is the message of poem rain in summer?

Longfellow’s poem, ”Rain in Summer,” is a love letter about the welcoming effects of rain and its refreshment and renewal for everyone and everything.

How does the poet describe the rain in the poem rain in summer?

The rain, the welcome rain! In these lines, the poet is describes how it looks like when the rain falls on the window pane, and how swift and wider the gutters look, as they are full of rain water, and filled with mud it looks like a river roaring down. He feels overjoyed about the rain, and welcomes it with open arms.

Why does the poet think that rain is beautiful?

Explanation: The poet says that the rain is beautiful because it comes in the hot summer and settles the dust in the air and cools the heat.

How does the poet describe the rain?

In the poem, the poet describes the rain to have descended from the heaven as if been delivered to the nature by the hands of God. … The poet calls the Rain a messenger of mercy between the field and the clouds (two lovers).

Why does the poet compare the rainwater to a river?

Answer: He expressed the beauty of the gutter when it is full of rainy water and its sound as a river when it flows in the gutter. He described how the rain brings the peace in the days of dust and heat in the summer season.

Why is the street called fiery?

Answer: H. W. Longfellow uses the line ‘In the broad and fiery street’ to describe the street in his poem ‘Rain In Summer. ‘ The street has been depicted as ‘fiery’ because it is very hot and dry after spending many hours in the scorching heat of the summer sun.

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What is the meaning of from the throat of the overflowing spout?

The poem is written by Longfellow on rain in summer, where he is overjoyed by the shower on a hot day. He opens the poem by exclaiming, “How beautiful is the rain!” which shows his happiness and excitement about rain. He talks about how it the drizzle and shower relieves him from the heat and dust of the summer.