Best answer: Where did Hurricane Elena make landfall?

Did hurricane Elena hit Dominican Republic?

It moved across the Lesser Antilles in late August, with the worst hit islands being Dominica and Martinique. The storm then strengthened further and struck Dominican Republic as a Category 5 hurricane. … Tropical Storm Elena brought flooding to the Greater Houston area, with five deaths and about $10 million in damage.

Did hurricane Elena hit Barbados?

Elsa is the first hurricane to hit Barbados in 65 years – reports of damage across the island. Barbados GIS – The first hurricane to hit Barbados since 1955 has already caused island-wide destruction as it battered the island earlier today.

Where did Hurricane Elsa hit Florida?

Looking north at the neighborhood of Paradise Island on Treasure Island, Fla., outer bands of Tropical Storm Elsa brings a downpour of rain over the area on Tuesday, July 6, 2021. ST.

Has Elsa passed Barbados?

Elsa upgraded around 7:45 am (AST) on Friday July 2, 2021. Elsa impacted Barbados with maximum sustained winds near 75 mph, with higher gusts. Elsa continued its path west-northwest near 28 mph (44 km/h) and passed near or over portions of the Windward Islands or the southern Leeward Islands.

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