Best answer: What was the largest snowfall in PA?

What is the most it ever snowed in one day in Pennsylvania?

In Philadelphia, the biggest one-day snowfall was 24 inches on Jan. 8, 1996. In Pennsylvania, the record goes to Wayne County, when it snowed 41 inches on Feb. 6, 1958.

What was the biggest snow storm in Pennsylvania?

Over the course of Jan. 6-8, 1996, it blanketed areas from central North Carolina to southern Maine, while immobilizing the Northeast corridor for days. To this day, the Blizzard of ’96 remains Philadelphia’s single biggest snowstorm on record with a total of 30.7 inches.

When was the biggest snowfall in Pennsylvania?

Here are the area’s largest snowfalls of all-time, as measured in Allentown.

  • Feb. 15-17, 1958 — 15.8 inches. …
  • Jan. 19-20, 1961 — 16 inches. …
  • Feb. 3-4, 1961 — 17.3 inches. …
  • March 13-14, 1993 (Storm of the Century) — 17.6 inches. The Morning Call, March 14, 1993 edition. …
  • Feb. 10-11, 2010 — 17.8 inches. …
  • Feb. …
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How much snow did we get in the Blizzard of 1993 in PA?

The total snow for the storm in Pittsburgh: 25.3 inches. That makes it Pittsburgh’s third largest snowstorm, with the Thanksgiving weekend snowstorm of 1950 topping the list with 27.4 inches. Luckily in 1993, the snow didn’t last much longer than it took to shovel it out the way.

How much snow did Philadelphia get in the Blizzard of 1978?

Boston received a record-breaking 27.1 inches (69 cm) of snow; Providence also broke a record, with 27.6 inches (70 cm) of snow; Atlantic City broke an all-time storm accumulation, with 20.1 inches (51 cm), two Philadelphia suburban towns in Chester County received 20.2 inches (51 cm) while the City of Philadelphia …

What is the snowiest city in America?

The snowiest city in the United States is Caribou, Maine, which received 114.2 inches (9.5 feet) of snow during the 2018-2019 winter season. Caribou is the most northeastern point of the United States, located near the Canadian border. The consistently cold winters make snow production possible and plenty.

What was the biggest snowfall in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

6, 2010. Friday marks 11 years since “Snowmageddon,” one of the largest snowfalls to hit Pittsburgh in modern history. Click the video player above to see the huge snowfall from 2010. The massive storm brought over 20 inches of snow to the western Pennsylvania region.

How many inches of snow has Pittsburgh gotten this winter?

So far this season, Pittsburgh has recorded 48.4 inches of snow which is roughly 23 inches above average. This is more than the entire season average of 41 inches.

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When’s the last time it snowed in May in Pennsylvania?

The latest recorded accumulating snow in the city occurred on May 25, 1925 with 0.5 inches and the latest recorded snow of 1 inch or more happened on May 9, 1966 with 3.1 inches. As for the most recent time we got snow in May, many of you might remember the trace amount that fell on May 15, 2016.

When was the last big snowstorm in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

Saturday marks 28 years since the Blizzard of ’93 hit Pittsburgh. Most activities around the city were brought to a halt by a huge storm on March 13, 1993. Over 23 inches of snow fell in one day.