Best answer: What is the path and where is the sun during the winter solstice?

What path does the Sun follow during the winter solstice?

At the winter solstice (which is June 21st in the Southern hemisphere), the Sun still goes from east to west. But this time it arcs below the horizon, so if you were standing at the South Pole, you would never see it. It is dark all the time.

Where is Sun in winter?

In the Northern Hemisphere, the winter sun (November, December, January) rises in the southeast, transits the celestial meridian at a low angle in the south (more than 43° above the southern horizon in the tropics), and then sets in the southwest. It is on the south (equator) side of the house all day long.

Why is the path of the sun different in autumn and winter?

The Earth’s axis is the imaginary line through the centre of the Earth between the South and North poles about which the Earth rotates. This axis is tilted slightly compared with the way the Earth orbits the Sun. We get different seasons (winter, spring, summer and autumn) because the Earth’s axis is tilted.

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