Best answer: How far from the wall should a rain shower be?

How far should a rain shower head be from the wall?

Answer: The best size for a rain shower head is 12 inches. This allows enough water to pour out without creating a flood.

How much space do you need for a rain shower?

The tallest person using your shower should have at least a foot of clearance (accounting for at minimum a 3-inch shower arm and a head that’s a few inches tall so that the “rain” has some distance to actually fall).

How tall should a shower wall be?

In general, expect your local codes to specify a minimum height of 6 feet above finished floor height for a dense, non-absorbent waterproof wall covering within an enclosed shower. If tile is your chosen method for covering the walls, then it must extend at least this high.

How far apart should two shower heads be?

You should use at least 3 feet of spacing between shower heads that are on the same wall to give each person room to maneuver freely, but again this is up to personal comfort level of the couple in question.

Does a rain shower head use more water?

Rain shower heads don’t actually use more water than standard shower heads. … This is because you’ll likely spend more time showering with the luxurious spa-like quality of a rain deluge at your disposal.

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