Best answer: How do you wear winter flares?

What tops do you wear with flares?

What tops should I pair with flares? Susan

  • Blazer and a tee: Make your jeans look more professional with a solid top & a fitted blazer.
  • A classic button-down: A classic button-down is always a great option. …
  • Tank and kimono: Keep it casual with a tank & a long flowy vest or kimono.

Are kick flare jeans flattering?

Style Number 1 – Cropped Kick Flare Jeans

it’s super flattering on all body types!

How do you style 2020 flares?

I’ve Worn Flares for Years—Here’s How to Wear Them in 2020

  1. Flared Blue Jeans + Checked Blazer.
  2. White Flares + White Denim Jacket.
  3. Dark Denim Flares + Long Cardigan.
  4. Printed Flares + Belted Leather Jacket.
  5. White Flared Jeans + Retro-Print Shirt.

Are flare jeans in fashion?

Flares are well and truly back for 2021. Dubbed “comfortable but trendy,” these trousers have been seen on catwalks and in streetwear tenfold this year. From Celine to JW Anderson, designers are loving this style, and so should you. The flared trouser can range from a timid kick-flare to large bell bottoms.

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