Best answer: How do you spell hail weather?

Is it hail or Hale?

hale/ hail

Hale describes someone hearty and healthy. … Hail, on the other hand, has the “i” for “ice,” but it’s also a verb — raise your arm and hail a cab, hail the queen, or hail a great success. Hail means to call attention to something.

How do you spell hail like weather?


  1. Hail is a type of frozen precipitation or a verb meaning to be from somewhere.
  2. Hale means healthy and robust or is a verb that is limited to legal contexts.

Is it hail storm or hale storm?

The definition of a hailstorm is a weather condition where hail falls to the ground. An example of a hailstorm is one that could crack car windows with the balls of hail. A storm with hail. … Alternative spelling of hail storm.

Where do you hale or hail from?

The right way to say it is that you hail from a place. “Hail from” was originally used for ships, to show which port they had come from. If you can remember that “hail” rhymes with “sail,” and sails are on ships, and ships come from different places, you’ll remember “hail from.”

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Does hail mean tornado?

While large hail can indicate the presence of an unusually dangerous thunderstorm, and can happen before a tornado, don’t depend on it. Hail, or any particular pattern of rain, lightning or calmness, is not a reliable predictor of tornado threat.

What is hail in weather?

Hail is a form of precipitation consisting of solid ice that forms inside thunderstorm updrafts. Hail can damage aircraft, homes and cars, and can be deadly to livestock and people. … Hailstones are formed when raindrops are carried upward by thunderstorm updrafts into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere and freeze.

Is it correct to say I hail from?

Senior Member. “I hail from,” and “I am from” are essentially the same phrase. “I hail from” is not commonly used in US English, although there may be regions which do use it in conversation. “I grew up in,” is about where you lived when you were a child.

How do you use the word hail?

Hail sentence example

  1. She dropped to the sand as a hail of bullets whistled above her head. …
  2. I had hail damage to my car as well. …
  3. Thunder rattled the windowpane and hail pounded on the roof. …
  4. The precipitation of rain, snow and hail is about 55 in. …
  5. From December to February violent thunder and hail storms are experienced.

What is this word hail?

transitive verb. 1a : to greet with enthusiastic approval : acclaim hailed as a great success. b : salute, greet returning soldiers hailed with parades. 2 : to greet or summon by calling hail a taxi.

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What does the name Hale mean?

The name Hale is an old Anglo-Saxon name. … Checking further we found the name was derived from the Old English halh, which had the same meaning. Conversely the name could have been a nickname for someone who was “healthy, stout, a brave man, chief, or hero” having derived from the Anglo-Saxon word “hale.”

How do you use Hale in a sentence?

Hale in a Sentence

  1. Although he just turned eighty-five years old, Jimmy is still hale and healthy.
  2. A hale old whippersnapper, Marge is in peak condition and able to out-run women forty years younger than she.
  3. Hale and hearty, the grandmother of six is still in tip-top shape and looks as fit as she did in her thirties.