Best answer: Does acid rain affect aquatic plants?

What is acid rain How does it affect aquatic life?

When the pH of rain water is less than 5.6, it is called acid rain. When acid rain flows into the rivers, it lowers the pH of the river water. Since our body works within a narrow pH range close to 7such as form 7.0 to 7.8. Thus the survival of aquatic life in rivers waters mixed with acid rain water becomes diffcult.

Does acid rain reduce plant growth?

Acid rain decreases the pH of the soil, causing its acidity to increase, which decreases the level of important nutrients found in the soil. This process can negatively affect the nutrition and overall growth of crops.

How does acid rain affect fishes?

Further, the acid rain contains nitric acid which has nitrogen. The incorporation of nitrogen in water results in nitrogen pollution. This may result in a decrease in population of fishes and other small aquatic animals. When the acid rain water flows in the water bodies through soil.

Which of the following way acid rain affects the plants?

Which of the following way acid rain affects the plants? Explanation: Acid rain indirectly affects plants by removing nutrients from the soil during which they grow. Acid rain dissolves and washes away all the vitamins in the soil which are very much essential for plants.

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What is the effect of acid rain on plants Brainly?

Answer: Acid rain leaches aluminum from the soil. That aluminum may be harmful to plants as well as animals. Acid rain also removes minerals and nutrients from the soil that trees need to grow.

How does acid rain water affect the survival of aquatic life in the river difficult?

Acid rainwater, when mixed with river water, lowers its pH below 5.6, i.e., makes river water acidic. The body of living organisms works normally within a pH range of 7-7.8. This is why the flow of acid rain into the river makes the survival of aquatic life in the river difficult.

Which gas is mainly responsible for acid rain?

Acid rain results when sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOX) are emitted into the atmosphere and transported by wind and air currents. The SO2 and NOX react with water, oxygen and other chemicals to form sulfuric and nitric acids. These then mix with water and other materials before falling to the ground.

What are the disadvantages of acid rain?

What are the disadvantages of acid rain?

  • Acid rain affects the freshwater ponds and lakes and destroys aquatic life, as some species of fishes are rare and may be extinct.
  • It can damage historical monuments and buildings. …
  • A major consequence of more acidic water is its retention of aluminium, which can poison forests.