Best answer: Can bedding plants survive winter?

Can you keep bedding plants over winter?

Some plants can be over wintered in the ground, especially if you are in a sheltered area, such as Dahlia, Salvia, Agapanthus more so if the ground is well drained and a thick mulch is essential. Some borderline plants will survive in a sheltered garden provided they are not subject to too much winter wet.

What do you do with bedding plants in the winter?

To replenish your garden with winter bedding plants, simply remove any old bedding plants and compost them. If you are planting in pots or containers, replace the compost as most of the nutrients will have been used by the previous plants. Pop your plants into their final flowering positions and water them in.

Will bedding plants come back next year?

Most bedding plants are annual, which means they only grow and flower for one year. They are discarded at the end of the season, and the following year new plants will be grown. This gives you the freedom to change your bedding displays every year for a different visual effect.

Where do I put my plants in the winter?


  1. Avoid placing plants near cold drafts or heat sources.
  2. Keep plants several inches away from exterior windows.
  3. In cold regions, if windows frost overnight, move plants away from windows at dusk. You can also slip a heavy shade or other insulating material between plants and glass.
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What plants can you over winter?

Plants to Overwinter

  • Overwinter as houseplants in a warm, sunny place (like a sunroom or heated greenhouse): cordyline, phormium, palms, croton, bamboo, jasmine, allamanda, bougainvillea, hibiscus, citrus.
  • Take and root cuttings and pot them up so you have new plants in the spring: plectranthus, coleus and geraniums.